1. Q: Is ACC Parker Campus part of Chaparral High School?
      A: No. ACC Parker Campus is directly west of Chaparral High School in our own building. We are a college campus, not a high school campus, although some high school students take college classes here.

2. Q: Is ACC Parker Campus a part of Arapahoe Community College?
      A: Yes. ACC Parker Campus is a satellite campus of Arapahoe Community College.

3. Q: I heard that ACC Parker Campus offers graduate level classes, is that true?
      A: Yes. ACC Parker Campus serves as a satellite campus for other colleges in order to bring education and training to the south metro area. Master's are offered by Lesley University in Education and the University of Colorado Denver in Political Science.

4. Q: How do I apply to ACC Parker Campus?
      A: Go to and apply to become a student. When you are accepted and receive your student identification ("S") number, you can register for courses offered at the Parker Campus using the specific courses Call Registration Number (CRN). Parker Campus classes are in the ACC Schedule of Classes, identified in the Room column as "Parker."  All registration is online and accessible at, under myACC student menu. 

5. Q: Can I earn a degree directly from ACC Parker Campus?
      A: No. When you attend the ACC Parker Campus, any degree you receive after completing all requirements will come from Arapahoe Community College.

 7. Q: Who do I contact to rent a room or computer lab?
      A: Contact the Campus Manager, Gwen Young, at 303.734.3856 or M-F from 8:30  a.m.-5 p.m.

8. Q: Is ACC Parker Campus open on the weekends?
      A: We are open only if there are weekend classes or events. Please call 303.734.4822 to check.

9. Q: What are the ACC Parker Campus business hours?
      A: Normal business hours are from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday; Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Some Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Please call to check for weekend hours. 

10. Q: What programs are offered at ACC Parker Campus?
      A: Primarily, Arapahoe Community College offers many associate degrees. Our Workforce Training Division offers Certificates. Please see the ACC Course Catalog ( for details on all ACC programs.

11. Q: Does the ACC Parker Campus offer a bookstore, cashier's services or financial aid?
      A: No, however all these services are available at our Littleton (main) campus. Visit for listings of all resources. 

12. Q: Do I have to pay for a permit to park at ACC Parker Campus?
      A: Parking permits are required to park at the Parker Campus and the cost is included in your tuition bill. You can obtain a parking permit from at the Parker Campus. 

13. Q: Does ACC Parker Campus have community areas for studying in groups or individually?
      A: Yes, ACC Parker Campus has two round tables located on the second floor for group study. If you wish to study alone, you can also use the Open Computer Lab (Room 123) on the first floor, which has open tables for students to spread out at. Please remain quite in the Open Computer lab to provide privacy to others who are studying.

14. Q: Does ACC Parker Campus have computers I can use?
      A: Yes, there is an Open Computer Lab  (Room 123) on the first floor that is open during all business hours. Specific computers (located on the wall with windows) are equipped with the software for Computer Information Systems (CIS) students who wish to work outside of the regular CIS FLEX lab hours. This lab is open to students and community members.

15. Q: Does ACC Parker Campus have wireless internet and would I need a password to access it?
      A: ACC Parker Campus has free Wi-Fi. The network to connect to is ACC and there is no password necessary.

16. Q: Can I take the ACCUPLACER (Computerized Placement Test) at ACC Parker Campus and if so, do I need an appointment?
      A: Yes, the ACCUPLACER test can be taken at ACC Parker Campus during normal business hours. You can make an appointment if you want, but we accept walk-ins as long as you come in between 9AM and 7:30pm. The exam is not timed, so you may take as long as you want to complete the test (average test time is 1.5  hours). The fee is $10 for ACC students and $50 for non-ACC students. All ACC students must provide their student ID card and/or student ID number to be given the $10 rate. Please present your photo I.D.

17. Q: I am a student that needs to find a proctor. Does ACC Parker Campus have a Testing Center?
      A: Yes, ACC Parker Campus can proctor your exams. Please contact your school and have them send the exam to the address below, or if you take the exam online, have your school email exam instructions and passwords to (Please email/call Gwen Young for approval prior to having the exam instructions and password emailed to her in case she is on vacation). The exam fee is $50 each (cash or check only). Please present your photo ID upon arrival. Once we have received the exam materials, you can schedule to take the exam. If we are provided with your contact information within the exam materials, ACC Parker Campus staff will give you a courtesy call although it is your responsibility to contact us (303.734.4822) if you request your exam to be mailed here. Upon completion of your exam, ACC Parker Campus will make a copy of your answers (only when permitted) and send the original test and answer sheet back to your home school. Please consult your home school for express mailing options, exam scores and receipt of the exam questions. Copies of your exam answers are stored for 3 months in a secure location within ACC Parker Campus.
                                    c/o Gwen Young (Testing Center)
                                    ACC Parker Campus
                                    15653 Brookstone Drive
                                    Parker, CO 80134

18. Q: Does ACC Parker Campus have a cafeteria or food cart?
      A: No, but we do have a large refrigerator, microwave and two vending machines (snack and drink).

19. Q: Does Access-A-Ride drop-off and pick-up at ACC Parker Campus?
      A: Yes, please contact Access-A-Ride directly to schedule your transportation.

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